Underneath much of today’s threats, business stress, and relational friction is one core issue: Character not formed around the life, ministry, and teachings of Jesus Christ.

The same is true of daily news. On almost any day in almost any city of almost any country, one or more of the top five news reports is a result of the presence—or absence—of good character.

Character is the foundation of a person’s long-term achievement or failure. Knowledge is important, and we must keep growing in knowledge. Skills are important, and we must keep growing in skills. But just as knowledge plus skill plus character leads to achievement, knowledge plus skill minus character leads to collapse.

For a true Christian, this matter is even more vital. God’s Word says we were born and adopted into His family for a higher purpose (Ephesians 1).

We are here to glorify Him—to honor Him.

How does He want us to honor Him? He asks us to imitate His Son (Ephesians 4 & 5), whose life radiated God’s light into this dark world.

And what does God’s “light” look like? The Bible calls it agape and describes this unusual Greek word in 1 Corinthians 13. In just two words: Christlike character.

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