Children at Risk

Over 45 years of reaching out to children at risk with the greatest hope: The gospel of Jesus Christ

Every child needs to experience God’s love. Yet this is especially true for children at risk. Many of these vulnerable children have no one else who will positively influence their development.

Today in India, our mission continues to provide hope for children at risk. These children endure an oppressive caste system. Many of them are Dalits. Without holistic intervention, they risk missing out on the transforming message of the gospel. Eternity is at stake.

Through trusted field partners, Mission to Children enables these children to experience God’s love and refuge in a Christ-centered context. They grow both spiritually and physically as they benefit from food, shelter, life skills training, and an education year-round. But we can only reach them with your prayer and support.


Children form lifelong values, beliefs, and attitudes primarily between the ages of 4-14.