Develop Character Curriculum

Align your moral compass using our character curriculum that is field-tested, practical, professional, adaptable, instructive, and inspiring.

The Character Solutions program consists of two basic components: field-tested curriculum and practical training. Through training, participants are equipped to practice—and teach—ten core character values. These character values fulfill two outcomes that are vital, Biblical characteristics of any healthy community:

  • Goal 1: Personal responsibility demonstrated as integrity, conviction, self-discipline, diligence, and wisdom.
  • Goal 2: Interpersonal respect demonstrated as loyalty, courage, humility, kindness, and thankfulness.

Ten character qualities under Personal Responsibility and Interpersonal Respect.

What makes our character curriculum effective and unique?

  • Concise: Ten character qualities under Personal Responsibility and Interpersonal Respect
  • Designed: By experienced educators to inspire a ripple effect from teacher, to student, to friends, to family, and to community
  • Translated: Curriculum available in over 12 languages (ask if your language is available)
  • Field-tested: Based on our track record, our curriculum is easily adaptable to a variety of audiences
  • Internationally-friendly: Highlights heroes from around the world
  • Memorable: Animal stories add interest for both children and adults
  • Simple: Organized lessons and activities to inspire good character