Our Mission

Caring for and cultivating Christlike character in children—especially those at risk.

Our Vision

Children who become adults known as Christlike in their love for God and for others.

We show a big love for little children who need to know their lives have purpose. So at Mission to Children, everything we do, we do it on purpose to help them believe that.

In the hearts of millions of at-risk children who live in impoverished circumstances around the world, they long for a higher purpose … a higher way to live. But for many, they were not only born into a life of desperate need, they risk continuing to live within those conditions for the rest of their lives.

Over 43 years of ministry around the world: Mission to Children is committed to God’s Word, Christlikeness, and caring for the plight of the orphan.

At Mission to Children, we not only desire to provide physical aid for their immediate needs, we also take our impact higher, for longer, to help sustain them for life. We do that by also investing in their future through Christian “character values” development that’s been specifically created for children.

We’re a mission with a purpose. To build a lasting foundation in the life of every child that will lead to transformation. That despite their circumstances, they will be empowered to step beyond their poverty to embrace their unique and individual value in Jesus as we help them develop Christ-like character.

It’s a mission we believe in. Because we know the lives of these at-risk children were born for more. To see them aspire to living their lives in a higher way. One that comes by living it in relationship with God and the truth of His Word.

International Christian Ministries of the Mission to Children

Formerly referred to as International Christian Ministries, The Mission to Children® incorporated in Canada in 1963 and Mission to Children® in the USA incorporated in 1972. We have a long-established policy of operating debt-free. All expenses in excess of current revenue are covered by past revenue, mostly estate gifts.

Where we work.
Countries were we’ve served, shining God’s light among the nations.

Mission to Children® is a recognized member of ECFA (Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability), Christian Leadership Alliance, and Christian Alliance for Orphans.

Our character ministry subsidiary is known as Character Solutions® International.