Our Mission

Caring for and cultivating Christlike character in children—especially those at risk.

Our Vision

Children who become adults known as Christlike in their love for God and for others.

We show a big love for children who need to know their lives have purpose. So everything we do, we do it to help them believe that God loves them and has a higher purpose for their lives.

The hearts of children around the world long for a higher purpose. Many children were born into a life of poverty, but all were born into a life apart from Jesus Christ.

Mission to Children cares about the future of today's children.

We improve the lives of children by touching their hearts with the gospel of Jesus Christ. We deliver this hope through Christians who feed the poor, shelter the orphan, and disciple children and youth using our character training and curriculum.

By building Christlike character, children can grow to recognize safe friends and adults, discern what really matters in life, and become a positive contributor in their families, communities, and nations for God’s glory. They can grow to lead by Christlike example—active discipleship!

A long time ago …

We were known as International Christian Ministries.

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Mission to Children celebrates over 50+ years of ministry

Join us and other ministries uniting with Christian Alliance for Orphans.

Mission to Children is an accredited ECFA member.